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Mammoth mattresses are scientifically proven to enhance your sleep. A recent study by Dr Jason Ellis, a world leading sleep expert, proved that Mammoth mattresses enable you to fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and enjoy your sleep more. What more could you want from a bed!

Mammoth Technologies enlisted the help of Dr Jason Ellis, renowned sleep guru and resident expert on the recent BBC series Goodnight Britain, to test the mattress. The tests were conducted at the Sleep Research Centre at Northumbria University, and the results showed categorically that the Mammoth mattress provided a more effective and enjoyable sleep. Incredibly, it also moved sleepers up a clinical level – turning poor sleepers into good ones. This makes Mammoth mattresses, and its latest innovations, the only mattress of its kind shown to enhance sleep, even after years of poor sleep at a clinical level.


Scientifically proven to enhance sleep

Medical Grade Foam is the material that medical experts recommend for perfect pressure relief, which have now been made available to you! With more efficient pressure relief, and heat and moisture distribution for a cooler sleep than memory foam, Medical Grade Foam is the next generation of mattress, recommended by Chiropractors.

Our Mammoth mattresses feature V-cut castellated air channels. Forming a key hole shape, they form permanent air channels even when you lie on them. This ensures efficient airflow, helping to keep you at a consistent temperature and ensuring deep, restorative sleep.

Tencel is the perfect, natural partner for Mammoth mattresses. From a natural source, and bio-degradable, it shares all the ethics of the Mammoth concept. It helps keep you at an even temperature by absorbing and distributing moisture more efficiently than cotton. It is also beautifully soft for a wonderful nights sleep.

Crafted to such a high standard, every Mammoth product comes with a limited warranty, covering you from all manufacturing defects for up to 10 years. Both AHF and Mammoth pride ourselves on our high quality furniture, and our warranty service allows all our customers to buy with complete confidence and with peace of mind.

The magic inside the mattress

Find out why we love our Mammoth mattresses and why we believe them to be a worthy investment for any individual.

This easy to understand video animation will take you through all the features associated with a Mammoth mattress, showing a glimpse of the latest sleep technology and explaining the full benefits of the Mammoth medical grade foam.


Health practitioners & endorsements

The many health benefits of a Mammoth Mattress means it should come as no surprise that they are scientifically endorsed by, amongst others, the University of Northumbria Sleep Research Centre. The Mammoth brand are also partners of the Chiropractic Patients Association and many health professionals recommend or endorse the mattresses as a significant help to spinal and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Famous for a better night sleep and faster recovery, Mammoth mattresses are endorsed and loved by Olympic athletes and the Rugby Players Association. A recent announcement also revealed that Mammoth mattresses are now used in some RAF Search and Rescue Bases – for the crews to sleep and recover much more effectively.

Mammoth in the media

As seen in “Ask the Doctor” magazine - the official magazine of Dr Christian Jessen.

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a healthy lifestyle? A jog around the park, perhaps or tucking into a nutritious salad. Surprisingly, research has shown that the most important, and most overlooked, aspect of a healthy life is the rest and recovery you get from a good night’s sleep. In fact, the quality of sleep you get is not only vital for your physical health, but equally important for maintaining good mental health as well. As you sleep, your body goes into repair mode; rejuvenating body and brain.

One of the key activities that occurs as you sleep is the stimulation of growth hormones, which start a process of repairing damaged cells and creating new ones. Weary muscle and brain cells are repaired and new ones created. This is something that hasn’t been lost on elite athletes or their coaches. Many top sports people build sleep recovery into their training schedule, and follow the latest developments in sleep science.

One of those developments has been the Mammoth health mattress from Mammoth Technologies. Using key medical-based products, the Mammoth health mattress has been designed to enhance sleep and create a truly recuperative environment for your mind and body. Superior medical-grade foam is used in preference to memory foam, because of its cooling and supportive properties. Meanwhile, design features, including cooling air channels and zoned support for backs, shoulders and neck, have established its reputation as the ultimate health mattress.