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  • Style your lounge on a budget

    Even if you love your lounge and its colours, a little refresh every now and again is a great way to breathe new life into your home. Be inspired by our simple lounge makeover ideas that are easy and cost effective. And if you can make big changes with a little purse it’s a Win! Win!

    So, where do you start with the wow factor?

  • How to style your Coffee Table

    We all love a great coffee table. It can instantly add that special something to any room. Whether it’s a focal point, in the centre of the living room, or a carefully placed classic style with a cosy, glowing lamp, coffee tables are both functional and beautiful. Once you’ve chosen the perfect one to compliment your home, we have some great

  • AHF Truro - Start of something exciting!

    It’s official! On Friday 26th July, we opened our store in Truro, Cornwall.

    Truro features some incredible historical architecture, everything from stunning Georgian homes to some of the brand new builds popping up. With this in mind AHF has opened it's showrooms doors within Homebase, with a huge selection of furniture perfect for ever

  • How to style your bookcase

    Looking to add a little extra style and personality to your home? Don’t underestimate the impact of a beautifully styled bookcase! You might think bookcases are good for one thing and one thing only – storing books – but there’s actually a range of ways your bookcase can be used to up the style ante in your home.

  • 5 ways to make your mattress last longer

    As part of National Bed Month, we’re sharing our top tips for helping your mattress stand the test of time! A decent mattress is an investment, and you want to make sure it pays dividends by lasting as long as possible.

  • 10 weird things you probably didn’t know about sleep

    This National Bed Month, we’re delving into all things sleep related to help YOU get a better night’s sleep. For example, did you know that as many as 12% of people in the UK get less than five hours of sleep PER NIGHT? We’re tired just thinking about it!

  • What does your sleeping position say about YOU?

    March 15th marks the 12th annual World Sleep Day, a global campaign to drive awareness about the importance of healthy sleep habits. Given that March is also National Bed Month, today seemed like as good a time as any to talk a little more about snoozing!

  • The Most Famous Beds In History

    It’s National Bed Month! To celebrate this month-long awareness campaign into the importance of getting a good night’s sleep – and the role your bed plays in that – we’ve rounded up 10 of the most famous beds in the world. From TV and film to literature, art and history, here are 10 of the world’s best known beds.

  • It's National Bed Month

    The start of March means a lot of things. This year, the month of March brings us St David’s Day, Shrove Tuesday (yay, pancakes!), the beginning of Lent, Mother’s Day, and (perhaps most excitingly) the end of daylight savings! But did you know that March is also National Bed Month?

  • Setting up your home for health

    From cosy countryside to edgy and industrial, we all like our homes to look and feel a certain way. Your home is unique to you, and should feel like somewhere you can truly relax and recharge from the pressures of day to day life – so it makes sense that your home should be a place that benefits your health, as well.

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