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How to guides

Read our 'how to' blog posts for guides on everything from decorating tips and tricks to choosing your new furniture and those final finishing touches.

  • Style your lounge on a budget

    Even if you love your lounge and its colours, a little refresh every now and again is a great way to breathe new life into your home. Be inspired by our simple lounge makeover ideas that are easy and cost effective. And if you can make big changes with a little purse it’s a Win! Win!

    So, where do you start with the wow factor?

  • How to style your Coffee Table

    We all love a great coffee table. It can instantly add that special something to any room. Whether it’s a focal point, in the centre of the living room, or a carefully placed classic style with a cosy, glowing lamp, coffee tables are both functional and beautiful. Once you’ve chosen the perfect one to compliment your home, we have some great

  • Setting up your home for health

    From cosy countryside to edgy and industrial, we all like our homes to look and feel a certain way. Your home is unique to you, and should feel like somewhere you can truly relax and recharge from the pressures of day to day life – so it makes sense that your home should be a place that benefits your health, as well.

  • How to fit a sofa through your front door

    When you buy a sofa it’s important to ensure it will fit though your door, up the stairs and through hallways. Yes it’s all very exciting choosing your dream suite, but that dream could be shattered quite easily if your beloved new sofa will not fit through your front door! This guide below should be able to help you with figuring out whethe

  • How to Prepare Your Dining Room for Guests

    In terms of New Years’ Resolutions, a popular one is to make more of an effort with socialising. Yes it is fun but most of the time we see hosting as ‘too much effort’, but when we actually get around to it; we love it!

    Dinner parties and special family meals don’t always have to be out at a fancy restaurant – they can be in you

  • Ways to make your bedroom cozy as possible

    The bedroom is on its way to becoming the new living room. Many of us are tucking ourselves into bed after a long day, with a Netflix on our laptop and a cup of tea on our bedside table.  But, with spending so much time in our bedrooms, it would seem only right that we

  • 6 tips to finding the ideal sofa for your Living Room

    When it comes to finding a new sofa for your living room you’re going to realise that the options to choose from are endless!

    There are many things you should consider which will shorten the vast selection you’re facing. For example, by taking factors such a

  • How to Child Proof Your Living Room

    From stairs and doors to kitchen utensils, cleaning solutions and furniture, items that you may never think of as dangerous can pose a serious safety risk if they’re left around young children.

    One of the most important aspects of taking care of children is ensuring they have a safe living environment. In the home, this means ensuring t

  • 4 Things To Do With Your Old Furniture

    Moving house is an exciting time, but it can be very stressful too! There are many things you need to consider and get organised before moving day arrives, and figuring out what to do with your furniture is one of the trickiest decisions you will make.

    Sometimes it’s not possible to take all your old furniture into your new home, whethe

  • How to Make Your Own Sofa Cover

    Is your living room furniture starting to look its age? From faded or stained fabric to patterns that just aren’t fashionable any longer, upholstered furniture can wear out over time and require replaceme

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