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What does your sleeping position say about YOU?

March 15th marks the 12th annual World Sleep Day, a global campaign to drive awareness about the importance of healthy sleep habits. Given that March is also National Bed Month, today seemed like as good a time as any to talk a little more about snoozing!

Most have us have got a favourite position in the bedroom. And before you start sniggering, no we’re not talking about that kind of position – we mean the position you sleep in! Sleeping positions have been the subject of much research over the last few years, and the results of some studies suggest that how we sleep says a LOT about our personality. But do you buy it? What does your sleep position say about you – and is it accurate?

The Foetus - tough on the outside but with a soft squishy interior. Bit like a Walnut Whip.

Up to 40% of people sleep in the foetal position – on their side, with legs curled up in front of them – indicating something of a hard-faced exterior but with a soft, sensitive interior.

The Log – a social butterfly who trusts too easily.

Up to 15% sleep on their sides with their legs straight and arms by their sides in what is known as the Log. If you’re having a party, it’s the Log sleepers you want to invite – their social, carefree personalities make them the life of party, and they’re happy to welcome strangers as well. The downside of the Log sleepers personality is a tendency towards being gullible, but if your only problem is you trust too easily, we'd say you're doing alright!

The Freefaller – outgoing and sociable, but with a surprisingly thin skin.

If you snooze in freefall – on your front, with your head turned to the side and your arms on or around your pillow – you’re thought to be fun, sociable and open. Unfortunately, this playful personality may be covering up anxieties and insecurities, meaning that Freefallers often struggle to cope with criticism. Those that favour the Freefaller position tend to be more prone to back pain – if you’re a front sleeper, choose a firm mattress to help eliminate additional strain on your back and neck.

The Starfish – a great listener and devoted friend (even if they do hog the bed).

Possibly the most famous of sleep positions, Starfish sleepers like their space! The open body language Starfish sleepers display is reflected in their open personality. They’re good listeners, great friends, and are always keen to help out where they can. Unfortunately for, well, everyone who likes having good friends, the Starfish is thought to be the least popular sleeping position.

The Yearner – a most complicated of souls.

The Yearner sleeps on their side, similar to the Log, but with arms and legs outstretched as if reaching for something. Which, you know, makes sense. Yearners are said to be both open-minded and cynical, and can be slow to come to a decision – although once their mind is made up, there’s not much that can change it.

The Soldier - private, reserved and a bit of a loner.

This somewhat stiff sleeping position – flat on the back, with arms by your side – is apparently a favourite of just 8% of people, which is surprising given that some studies suggest that people who sleep in the Soldier position feel most refreshed when they wake up. On the other hand, the Soldier position can also lead to snoring, which can lead to being poked in the ribs and told to roll over by annoyed partners, so maybe that’s why… Soldier sleepers have been found to be generally reserved, and to hold themselves and others to very high standards. They sound like great fun at parties.

You can find out more about World Sleep Day here. For more information on National Bed Month take a look at our Bed Month blog series, or visit The Sleep Council. All images used with kind permission of The Sleep Council.