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Mammoth Mattresses

Mammoth mattresses are scientifically proven to enhance your sleep. They've gone further than any other brand in developing cutting edge technologies and materials to improve sleep quality and comfort.

A recent study by Dr Jason Ellis, a world leading sleep expert, proved that Mammoth mattresses enable you to fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and enjoy your sleep more. What more could you want from a bed!


Medical Grade Foam

An incredibly effective material for achieving comfort. By responding immediately to both the shape and weight of the human body. This foam helps you to maintain a neutral position while sleeping.


All Mammoth mattresses feature PostureCell Technology. These zoned cells within the Medical Foam further enhance pressure relief and evenly distribute body weight during sleep.

Cooling Air Channels

Between every PostureCell are cooling air flow channels, which allow heat, moisture and allergens to disperse. Keeping your mattress cool, clean dry and hygenic.

10 Year Warranty

Mammoth mattresses are built to last. The durable Medical Grade Foam ensure all Mammoth mattresses last longer with an impressive 10 year limited guarantee included.