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Buying Guides

Need help with finding the perfect sofa, the best bed to suit you or a stunning dining set? The our buying guides will take you step by step on how to make the best decision for you. From deciding on the best material to the difference between our sumptuous fillings.


Sofa Buying Guide

The sofa is the centrepiece of any modern day living space, so it’s something you’ll want to get right when buying a new one.


Bed Buying Guide

Need help finding your perfect bed? Baffled by the choices available to you? We're here to help.

Wood Furniture Buying Guide

It’s surprising the different types of wooden furniture on sale in the marketplace today. It’s more important to understand exactly what you’re buying, as sometimes what seems like solid wood can actually be finished to give that illusion.

With all our products we try to explain exactly what our furniture is made from, but the next step is understanding what that means for you. We've put together this Wood Furniture Buying Guide to help you buy the right furniture for your home.