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Meet our Lowestoft Branch Manager Daniel

AHF takes pride in spotting talented employees and helping them climb the ladder to progress their Career. We spoke to Daniel our Lowestoft Branch Manager about his time with AHF.


Lowestoft Store Manager

Daniel has always been local to Lowestoft and knows the town well, he started off his career working part time in the local Homebase selling kitchens, whilst studying sixth form.

Upon seeking full time employment at age 19, AHF caught Daniels eye. The stores were a lot different back then with neon signs and dark warehouse buildings, not the shiny showrooms we know and love today. Daniels first interview was with Patrick the then store manager, and he was soon invited back for a second interview which was with Matt Hesketh (Managing Director). As it turns out Matt had only been with AHF for a few months himself and this was his first interviewee.

We spoke to Matt about what he remembers about this interview with Daniel, “Daniel looked so young, but he was suited and booted. I remember thinking how professional he looked. He had loads of confidence and came across as a really nice guy, I knew that customers would love him.” Daniel started almost 10 years ago now, a cheeky 19 year old didn’t last long on the shop-floor and was soon relegated to work in the store warehouse, after a couple of months he had learnt his lesson and worked his way into the store office, processing orders and helping customers. After proving his worth he was soon a fully fledged salesperson, starting on carpets, rugs, beds, bedroom and finally sofa’s.


The fun never stopped though, with the store colleagues creating strong bonds and becoming great friends many laughs and teamwork can be found everyday. One of Daniels favourite moments looking back is moving a glass table when he first started and being so nervous to impress that he couldn’t grip the table, the table smashed into hundreds of pieces. Not funny at the time of course, however he can now look back and laugh. Since then Daniel has gone on to grow within the business, with what he says his proudest moment was being offered his now position of store manager.

The best part of the job in Daniels opinion is meeting all the customers and having a chat, if he isn’t having a chinwag with a customer you’ll find him encouraging the Lowestoft staff, whether it’s through motivational speeches or bribing them with chocolate and prizes. His favourite range is the Rendezvous sofa & the Amour dining range, both from the glamour range.

Find your nearest store here to meet our colleagues like Daniel, or shop our products including his favourite pieces at AHF.co.uk.